Chapter04: 24

That's it, Chapter 4 is done done? the next page will be the chapter back page + wrap up and thoughts on chapter 4 :)

Comic transcript

24: inventor finding out that halona has been sent out on the hunt Looks over to the courier scratching the partners head Inv” Oh ,By th way, have you seen your roommate Halona? I need to speak to her, quite urgently” Shot of the courier shrugging Courier” ah sorry! I’m afraid you missed her, she rushed out of here just as i got back, completely decked out too,” Shot of halona's bunk/area Courier”Turns out the Boss contacted her and invited her to take part in that ongoing game of hers with that Remnant Heir as a second chance or something, i haven't seen her that worked up in while Inv” ahh.. Great... :