Chapter04: 21

Oooh looks like things are wrapped up in this chapter for our main character :)

Comic transcript

21: still talking to Iz who wants them to bring back the wreckage before moving onto the next one they grab the wreckage and get ready to head back Edi pocketing the Plug Edi:”Thats what i was thinking too, they definitely know alot more than we thought about me being the Tessal Remnant heir, Especially if going to this effort... Edi looking over at the bird Iz “ how much is left intact of our winged friend?” Edi, It’s pretty much a big old mess after Gias did its thing, why? Want me to bring you a souvenir? Iz “ Of course! Have a poke around and see if you can find some kind of black box or or backup data core that's still intact, anything we could use to find out some more info about what's really going on here... Zoomed out shot of the mech picking up the remains CHAPTER 4 END? fade