Chapter04: 08

Time for this to take to the skies! ... the natural environment of a bird.... this is going to go great im sure

Comic transcript

08: bird beating up the mech in the sky montage while talking to iz Bird takes flight out of the rubble of the ruins quickly after the mech, Mech barely dodges the first dive, Edi “uugh its way to fast and those reflexes, this thing is nothing like our current mechs... Iz” hold on, hold on” Mech getting hit from another dive Edi” what do you think i am doing?! Mech barely dodging another hit, Iz” when they said challenge they weren't kidding! this things Crazy! Its got the same frequency as you and packing some serious speed and hardware definitely tailor made to hunt you down, you can't take it face on! Is there any way to distract it so you can surprise it? Bird flys up getting ready for another attack with the view from just behind the mech cockpit Edi” A distra...AH you're a genius Iz!!, perfect time for that new plug,” Iz,”Wait. BEEP”