Chapter04: 07

That looks like one Angry powerful birdy... But hey positive note looks like they managed to fix communications! <3 lets just hope Edi survives to actually make use of it

Comic transcript

07: dodges the bird taking off in the mech with Iz trying to get in contact The bird tries to peck at Edi Edi dodges back to the mech with the sound of Iz on the radio Iz “ Edi? Edi? Can you hear me? You're in trouble… your readings are spiking and there is a mass their Bird gets ready to attack with a gust of wind as Edi now in mech responds Edi, “No kidding, im staring at it right now, its a huge bird plane thing that's trying to attack us,” Mech manages to take off as the wall of the ruins collapses from the force Iz” What?? Im patching in a feed now”