Chapter08: 16

Iz has been BUSY super sleuthing and researching while Edi has been passed out/sleeping and showering...

Comic transcript

16) Iz pulls up Data pulled from it when it was plugged in ”well being both plug and socket it seems like an adaptor of sorts possibly allowing you to manifest a mech directly from the Tessalcore, it’s showing a lot of systems and processes the original mech had, some data from the duboir sockets as well as new encorporated processes similar to your alternator from what I can understand which may mean it can also interface with plugs. Power wise it also seems to resonate with you and Gias… but without you there is only so much i can do. Large frame of Iz having pulled up data on the MechAdaptor Iz “hah! Don’t be fooled by its size, from what I’ve managed to extract about it, it’s like an actual adaptor similar to your Alternator and Gias, being able to Directly draw from the Tessalcore aka you but based of the combined mech and socket data. So in theory you could use it to create a new mech that would be directly linked to you. Iz “I also tried to start mapping the system but its way too complex for this rig, though I did manage to glimpse some elements that makes me think it Its an fluid system unlike the old mech allowing it to be more adaptable especially since it also contains some elements in it similar to your alternator... though it's all theories as there's no way to find out more without you.